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Why stake with us?

Our mission  is to help secure the Radix ecosystem by providing a trustworthy node to the network delegators can use to stake their Radix coins and earn staking rewards.

Our node is redundant on two servers, one is located in Amsterdam and the other one in Delft. We have a VPN between the two servers, firewalls in front of both servers and we are monitoring the node 24/7. If any error occurs on the server the node is running on, our fail-over script instantly starts to the node on the other server in a matter of seconds.

Radix Staking Club is backed by an experienced system- and network engineer and a professional crypto enthousiast and investor. Together we have the experience, knowledge, skill and time to run a Radix validator node succesfully which we all can benefit from.

Server 1

16 GB
  • A CPU with 4 cores and 500 GB SSD storage

Server 2

16 GB
  • A CPU with 4 cores and 500 GB SSD storage



available from 11:00 – 00:00 CET