Relocating to Osaka, Japan

Hello Radix Community, we have great news to share!

For decentralization and network safety purposes, we decided to relocate our node to a different continent with little validator nodes compared to Europe and North America. Starting from today, our validator node will now be running in Osaka, Japan, hosted at Google Cloud Services. We chose Osaka, Japan because there aren’t many nodes located in Asia, especially in Japan. This way we want to improve Radix’s network safety in case regulation or an uncommon natural disaster threatens validator nodes in busy continents like Europe or North America and thereby the safety of the network.

Last but not least we also upgraded our system specifications from 20GB RAM to 32GB RAM. We will keep upgrading our servers if necessary.

We want to thank everyone who is staking their precious Radix with us.

Kind regards,

Team Radix Staking Club